Ann Coulter Makes Pro-Nazi Tweet, Attacks Civil Rights Leader

Ann Coulter made a disturbing tweet that seemed to align with alt-right Nazism and made an outlandish claim about Al Sharpton.

Ann Coulter has long history of saying the worst things ever, with a general air of not quite operating in reality. But her latest tweet hits all those alarm bells at a deafening pitch.

In a perplexing and offensive tweet, Coulter stated, "Total number of deaths connected to American Nazi Party in last quarter century: ZERO; Total number of deaths connected to Al Sharpton: nine I know of." 

This is not the first time Coulter has made a disturbingly pro-Nazi, pro-white supremacist statement. She has called Muslims "rag-heads," Mexican people "deficient," and voiced concern about the "browning of America." She even has said that Jews should be "perfected" into Christians. 

So perhaps it is not surprising that Coulter would take the side of the alt-right neo-Nazis who have been making their voices heard since Donald Trump's election, despite his public—and long, long overdue—disavowal of their beliefs.

And nobody has any idea what Coulter is talking about with her outlandish claim that black civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton is responsible for anyone's death, much less nine people's.

Twitter responded with appropriate levels of confusion and disgust.

Her statement that the American Nazi Party has not killed anyone in the past 15 years is also categorically untrue—what about white supremacist Dylann Roof who murdered black parishioners at prayer? What about neo-Nazi Brent Ward Luyster, who just this year murdered three in Washington state in July? In fact, a prominent study has shown that MOST terrorist acts since 9/11 have been committed by "right-wing groups" and white supremacists.

And that isn't counting the hundreds of hate crimes that have flourished in response to 9/11 and Trump's election, like the white man who shot a 15-year-old black boy to death without remorse, calling him "trash." How many of those perpetrators sympathize with Nazi values or are even full-fledged members of the party?

Coulter responded in a second tweet after the heavy backlash by just repeating her false claims, saying "The point, brainless sack-of-s***, is that Nazis (not connected w/GOP equals irrelevant; MSNB's Sharpton (connected at hip to Dems) equals nine dead."

Coulter completely fabricated a story about a prominent black man and cannot actually quantify the number of deaths caused by racist, alt-right rhetoric, but is determined to divert responsibility away from the GOP nonetheless. After the latest of many confusing and morally bankrupt outbursts from Ann Coulter, America really shouldn't be that surprised.

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