Ann Coulter Actually Just Referred To Asian-Americans As 'Mandarins'

It’s tragic to see how someone who claims to be a political commentator can make such an offensive comment about Asian-Americans.

Ann Coulter has penchant for making the most controversial and offensive — just like her on-and-off favorite presidential candidate Donald Trump.

So it wasn’t really surprising when the right-wing political commentator referred to Asian-Americans as “mandarins” on live television  and downright refused to be corrected.

While discussing the racial/ethnic make-up of protesters outside Trump’s rally in San Diego with MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews and guest panelist Joy Reid, Coulter said: "Like I told you, they have mandarins in the audience."

This, of course, didn’t sit well with Reid who immediately pointed out the distasteful reference.

 "They're called Asian Americans, Ann. It's not 1913."

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However, far from admitting to her mistake, Coulter mentioned the term “mandarins” several times during her analysis. And she has done this before.

Last September, after several presidential hopefuls stressed on improving frosty ties between the United States and Israel during a GOP debate, Coulter accused all of them of spending too much time pandering to “f***ing Jews.”

Yes, she is that horrible.

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