Another One Bites The Dust: Fox News Fires 'Racist' Bob Beckel

After a 48-hour investigation into an incident involving Bob Beckel and an African-American colleague, Fox News decided to give Beckel the boot.

Fox News has lost yet another one of its longtime hosts due to inappropriate conduct.

The network announced Friday that Bob Beckel, co-host of “The Five,” has been terminated for “making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee.”

What Beckel specifically said is still unknown, but according to HuffPost, the network’s human resources department learned of the confrontation on Tuesday.

Officials conducted a 48-hour investigation and concluded that Beckel needed to be released immediately. While this particular incident may have been the last straw, it certainly isn’t the first time Beckel has used racially offensive language.

Back in 2014, Beckel used the slur “Chinamen” on live television, and in another segment in the same year, he told viewers that all Nigerians were scam artists and Iranians threaten to feed their children to dogs, HuffPost reports.

In addition to apparently being racist, Beckel has also made disparaging comments about women, including an incident in which he called former "Bachelorette" contestant Andi Dorfman a “slut” for having intercourse with a man she did not marry.

Although Beckel originally joined “The Five” in 2011, he left the network in 2015 to enter a rehab facility for painkiller addiction after having back surgery. He was let go from the show shortly after that.

Before this latest controversy, he had just made his return to the network in January of this year.

Fox News is truly unraveling at the seams. It appears that at every turn, scandal is rearing its ugly head at the network. Reports of misconduct have been ongoing ever since former chief Roger Ailes was ousted by multiple female employees for sexual harassment before passing away on Thursday.

In addition to women being mistreated, Fox News’ black employees accused their bosses of racist behavior, including forcing them to arm wrestle their white colleagues. 

Ironically, Fox News is one of the very few media outlets to receive praise from President Donald Trump for their reporting and yet, they are crumbling and riddled with turmoil just like his administration. Could this be coincidence or karma? 

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