Here Is Why Anthony Scaramucci Is Deleting Old Tweets

Scaramucci is getting rid of all evidence that he had a soul once upon a time.

The newly appointed White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has said, and then reiterated, that he is totally on board with the president's agenda and wants to take it forward.

However, as the unforgiving world of Twitter reveals, he was not always on the same page as Donald Trump.


Shortly after assuming office, Scaramucci announced that he will delete his old tweets lest they become a "distraction."


Turns out, the "distracting" tweets Scaramucci referred to revealed the extent of “respect” he had for the Trump administration before he found ways to profit off it.


Unlike the "proud clingers of guns," the words Sarah Palin used to describe Trump supporters, Scaramucci is against the epidemic of guns in the country.


In another 2016 tweet, he seemed to be responding to Trump's all-out war on Muslims.


As communications director sums up himself, he probably does not side with Trump on most issues.


However, those rejoicing at the idea of a sane voice in the administration might need to reconsider. Scaramucci, by joining the administration he once maligned and proclaiming that his views have "evolved," has proved that much like other members of the administration, he has little dignity or consideration for the disadvantaged in this country.

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