The Mooch Wants John Kelly To Resign If He Covered Up For Rob Porter

If Kelly “lied about it and lied to the president of the United States and lied to the American people, he has to resign. He can't do that,” Scaramucci said.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci must be feeling quite vindicated now that everyone is bashing Chief of Staff John Kelly — who reportedly is the man responsible for firing "the Mooch" — for defending Trump’s aide and wife beater Rob Porter.

In a segment of “The Axe Files,” Scaramucci told host David Axelrod if Kelly “lied about it and lied to the president of the United States and lied to the American people, he has to resign. He can't do that.”

Kelly has become a target of backlash since Porter resigned from his position of White House staff secretary last week, following statements from his two ex-wives that claimed he physically and mentally abused them.

Kelly initially called Porter a “man of true integrity and honor” soon after the allegations surfaced. He later issued a statement said he was “shocked” by the domestic violence claims. However, the CBC reported senior White House aides, including possibly Kelly, had already found out about the claims from the FBI in November. So it’s strange why Kelly would be “shocked” about the abuse allegations — unless he was trying to cover up for Porter.

“The cover-up is always worse than the crime," Scaramucci continued. “I would say, ‘Jeez, you know, I knew about it. I was going to give the guy a pass because he told me it wasn't true and I apologize to the American people for that. He's been let go and I'd still like to keep my job…' That's what I would do if I was General Kelly.”

Scaramucci also said he holds no grudge against Kelly (a statement that may be taken with a grain of salt, considering he was allegedly fired on Kelly’s behest.)

“I hope he comes out, comes clean, apologizes to everyone for what he did and let the president decide whether or not to keep him,” he said.  

A Trump spokesman said Kelly only became “fully aware” of the abuse after Daily Mail posted pictures of Porter’s first wife, Colbie Holderness, sporting a black eye when he hit her during a vacation.

Porter’s ex-wives said they were contacted by the FBI during its standard background check on Porter who was seeking security clearance for his position as staff secretary. The claims delayed his ability to get permanent clearance but he was granted interim clearance when he joined the Trump administration in January 2017.

However, it’s shocking the White House continued to keep Porter on even after the FBI informed them about the abuse in November.

“What happens to these people in power, they get very crazy and want to maintain and keep their power,” Scaramucci told Axelrod.

The former communications director was kicked out 10 days into the job after Kelly reportedly asked for Scaramucci’s removal. The decision came allegedly after The New Yorker magazine published a story in which the Mooch used lewd comments against former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

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