'Go Back To Egypt': Man Threatens Arab Roommate With Samurai Sword

“Arabs, go back to Egypt. I will kill you and your people,” a Washington man reportedly told his Egyptian roommate. He has been arrested on hate crime charges.



A Washington resident has been charged under the state’s hate crime law after he allegedly threatened his Arab roommate with a samurai sword.

Anthony Thomas Stromdahl reportedly harassed his Egyptian roommate by threatening to either kill him or have him deported.

According to the court documents, the 29-year-old told the victim, “Arabs, go back to Egypt. I will kill you and your people.”

The alleged remarks Stromdahl made reflects the hate he harbors for people with different ethnicity along with a sense of entitlement.

The Bellevue police were summoned to the workplace Stromdahl shared with his roommates on reports of domestic disturbance. At the scene, Stromdahl's boss, Mohamed Khayel, told police Stromdahl had been harassing the other men who lived in the apartment.

According to the police reports, the 49-year-old Egyptian roommate, Gerhad Hagras, recounted a fight that broke out between them over coffee. Stromdahl allegedly told Hagras, "Motherf*****, Arabs, go back to Egypt."

He then allegedly pulled out a samurai sword and said, "I will kill you and your people."

"Hagras was in fear and thought Stromdahl was going to use the sword. Hagras asked if he could help him and offered to make him more coffee. Hagras then left the situation. Hagras was later told by Stromdahl that if he didn't call the police, he would throw the sword in the garbage. Hagras took the sword and threw it in the garbage," the police report described.

Moreover, Hagras told the police he didn’t reach out to the authorities immediately because he was worried it would affect his work visa, as Stromdahl allegedly threatened him with deportation.

However, during the arrest, the suspect claimed the sword threat occurred after one of his roommates pushed him against the wall.

Contrary to the accusations against him, when police inquired why he didn’t come to the police if he was the victim and not the other way round, Stromdahl claimed he “was trying to help these guys out and not cause any trouble for them due to them being from a different country.”

The authorities were also able to retrieve a video of Stromdahl from his Facebook account where he is demonstrating his sword abilities, which implies his threats might not be just empty words.

The fact that Stromdahl threatened more than one roommate implies his attacks were ethnically motivated instead of just a one-time angry outburst.

He allegedly told a coworker he was going to stomp another roommate Mohamed Elshrbiny’s head while he slept and that "these people need to go back to their country."

“Stromdahl has a criminal history that includes harassment, stalking, harassment, threats to kill and third-degree assault,” the report noted, “all of which occurred in 2015.”

Stromdahl is now facing felony harassment and malicious harassment charges under the state’s hate crime statute.

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