Trump Supporters Ambush Peaceful May Day Rally

May Day demonstrators were fighting for free speech of immigrants and workers when a group of pro-Trump supporters wearing military helmets and gas masks ambushed them.

On May 1, many labor and immigration groups staged demonstrations in different cities across the country to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and xenophobic rhetoric and support movements like Free Palestine and Black Lives Matter, along with pro-immigration and pro-communist causes.  

However, the groups faced pro- Trump supporters during the rally and things started to get heated.  In New York’s Union Square, Trump supporters wearing military helmets, gas masks and “Make America Great Again” hats clashed with the May Day demonstrators.

Apparently they thought wrestling people representing Latinos, indigenous people, the LGBTQ community, refugees, minimum-wage workers and the poor, was going to make America great again.

"This is May Day, this is International Worker Day, revived in 2006 by immigrants. We are not going to idly stand by as a group of people, alt-right or any fascist group, or any individual fascist tries to disrupt it," said Tristan, a member of the Marxist Internationalist Group.

However the demonstrators also slammed back at Trump loyalists.

“The entire crowd did a good job, just not giving them the room to even come here and say anything that is racist and bigoted and anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim,” an organizer of the May Day Rally said. “It’s disgusting for these groups to say they’re being oppressed, when in fact they actually oppress minority groups.”

President Donald Trump, throughout his presidential campaign, talked about building a wall along the United States’ border with Mexico to keep “illegal immigrants” out. He even assured people that Mexico would be paying for it. However, the plan for construction has already caught many snags in its early stages due to the high cost and the fact that Congress has rescinded support for the project.

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