Anti-Immigrant Viktor Orban's Win Sparks Worldwide Concern

With the win of the right-wing, nationalist party in Hungary, many believe that this could mean that the anti-immigration sentiment is rising across Europe.



The small Central European country of Hungary has sent shockwaves across the globe after Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his right-wing party won Sunday’s election.

As CNN reports, while the victory had been expected, the fact that Orban and his nationalist party won in a landslide proves that Hungarians reject the European Union’s push for more open immigration policies across the board.

Other like-minded politicians and leaders from European countries such as France’s failed right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and Germany's nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) all congratulated the country on what they believed was the right choice.

In America, conservative personalities such as Fox News host Laura Ingraham also congratulated Hungarians for “saving” the country.



But while it’s understandable that in America pro-President Donald Trump personalities would congratulate Hungary on choosing to keep Orban as its prime minister, it's clear that it is more out of desperation as Trump's popularity plummets. 

In Germany, the Christian Social Union (CSU), which is the governing coalition sister party of current Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats has already welcomed Hungary’s reelection of Orban. To them, following into the strongman’s harsh anti-immigration stance is the right path for Europe.

But they aren’t the only ones celebrating. As CNN reports, Austria’s Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, a Christian Democrat and a conservative, is also lauding Orban’s policies.

On Twitter, users from all across the globe showed concerns over this win.





Many American politicians and other personalities from both the U.S. and Europe called this the beginning of the end for Europe.






Even hawkish and conservative hardliner Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Orban on his win.



As CNN explains, Orban represents the defiance of the European Union’s most characteristic policies, such as multiculturalism and the open arms approach to Middle Eastern refugees. To him, Hungary belongs to white Christians.

In a continent increasingly dominated by the nationalist mentality, it’s clear that this type of win represents a victory also for those who want to shun minorities from their nations. Much like in Hungary, as CNN has pointed out, where the Roma and Jews are treated as “second-class citizens,” other countries might see this as as a goal and as a sentiment worth fighting over.

And as such, the millions of Syrian and other refugees fleeing war and misery in the Middle East will continue to be slaughtered back in their home countries or be forced to find another way to survive. 

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