Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Speaker To 'Train' Georgia Police Officers

David Bores, who has given many talks disseminating bigoted and false narratives on Muslims in America, is giving an eight-hour talk to Georgia law enforcement.

A controversial former police chief is giving a speech in Georgia on Thursday that many civil rights groups are condemning as bigoted against Muslims.

David Bores, a conspiratorial speaker on the subject of Islam in America, is giving an eight-hour talk at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office on the subject of how to treat Muslims under the law. Previous talks by Bores, who once was the chief of police in Woodstock, Georgia, have been described by the the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as anti-Muslim in nature.

“Although the titles of Mr. Bores' Islam-related presentations vary, he invariably uses these presentations to inspire fear of Muslims, spread conspiracy theories about American Muslims, inspire animosity towards Islam, and call for the state legislature to restrict the rights of Georgia Muslims,” Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of Georgia’s chapter of CAIR, wrote in a letter to the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Previous incarnations of Bores anti-Muslim speeches have been rife with false stereotypes and vitriol. In 2016, for example, Bores gave a speech in which he suggested all Muslims are bound by their faith to “destroy Western civilization,” doing so gradually by conditioning Western nations to accept the faith.

Bores has also suggested Islam condones pedophilia, and he has said that the growth of mosques in the United States “represents sedition” under the law.

Within Mitchell’s letter questioning Bores’s planned speech, he notes that Bores has a right to hold and even disseminate these viewpoints.

“But doing so as a certified instructor on behalf of a law enforcement agency is a different matter,” Mitchell wrote.

Mitchell also questioned Bores’ credentials to “train” officers of the law on the subject.

“Mr. Bores is simply not qualified to teach the subject matter,” Mitchell wrote. “He has never formally studied — much less received a degree related to — Islam, Muslims, or even Muslim extremist groups.”

Mitchell and others who have condemned this presentation are absolutely correct in their assessments: There is simply no place in law enforcement training for bigotry against any religious group to exist.

Everyone — and every faith — deserves to have the law applied to them equally (and even to be protected against violent acts of prejudice). Bores’ talks contradict that ideal, and they seem to suggest that law enforcement should treat Muslims with a different approach.

It's inappropriate for the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office to allow Bores to speak to them on this issue. It is imperative that they take steps to rectify the situation and ensure that Muslims in their community won’t be treated negatively on the basis of their faith alone.

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