Disgraceful Hazing Photos Prompt University To Investigate Campus Club

A student group at a Thailand university was recently criticized for their freshmen hazing ritual.

Many universities have consequences in place for groups caught hazing.

A Thai University student group called Ram Langsuan has come under fire for hazing and abusing freshmen as part of their initiation into the group, according to Mashable.

Thailand University Initiates Group Through Hazing

Anti-Sotus, an anti-hazing organization, posted more than two dozen photos on Facebook, proving to the public the humiliating abuse the new college students endured through hazing including stepping on the freshmen and forcing make-out sessions with the same gender.

Thailand University Initiates Group Through Hazing

Pathiparn Meepian, Ram Langsuan’s club president, declined that the association did anything wrong by hazing the freshmen and instead claimed the students were "acting."

“If you were there, you’d know it wasn’t as cruel as it looks in the pictures. I think it’s not violence. Well you can say I’m selfish, but all the freshman who agreed to go know what was gonna [sic.] happen. I don’t think too much about people who don’t know the truth,” he said.

Thailand University Initiates Group Through Hazing

After social media slammed Ramkhamhaeng University for allowing such behavior, a university representative said the group is now under investigation and that the club never told the school they were engaging in hazing activities. 

In Thailand, hazing is one of many forms of initiation and is referred to as Rub-Nong.

It’s a shame that university groups feel the need to humiliate freshman college students through hazing and physically abusing them, rather than welcoming them with love and positivity. 

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