Anti-Trump Journalist To Piers Morgan: ‘I’m A Communist, You Idiot’

A self-professed communist journalist confronted Piers Morgan, taking him to task for not even letting her answer his questions while branding her a hypocrite.

British television personality Piers Morgan has had his share of controversy over the years, mostly thanks to his confrontational approach. Once again, his signature style did not do him any favors. His guest, Stop Trump Coalition campaigner Ash Sarkar, took him to task for his lack of tact.

In what is now a viral video, the left-leaning journalist Sarkar was accused of not worrying about the high number of deportations that took place under former President Barack Obama. Although Sarkar conceded that she was not exactly aware of how many immigrants were deported during the last administration, she also admitted to Morgan that she wasn’t a fan of Obama either.

But the host was focused on making Sarkar seem as a hypocrite until the end, arguing that she was only against the horrific immigration policies in the United States now because President Donald Trump is in power.

But Sarkar remained polite and to the point, telling Morgan he “put words into my mouth and ... deflected from the actual argument at hand.”

Despite her collected demeanor, nothing made Morgan stop interrupting her, often cutting her off while she was trying to make a point.

And even as she was trying to explain to Morgan that his accusations were baseless, saying that he should check out her other work, he wouldn’t let her finish.

Explaining she had been “intensely critical” of others in the past, he didn’t even let her name the politician or world leader she had criticized. That’s when he went on to accuse her of not knowing “basic facts” about her “hero,” Obama.

“He’s not my hero!” Sarkar hit back. “I’m a Communist, you idiot.”

As people laughed, she then asked: “Jesus… have you ever considered [not] straw-manning your guests to make up for your incompetence as a journalist?”

The video has now gone viral online, and Sarkar’s message of standing up to Trump when he visits the United Kingdom has now spread far and wide, and all thanks to Morgan and his unwillingness to listen.

On Twitter, users dragged Morgan for his lack of professionalism, while congratulating Sarkar on her passion.

It might be hard for Morgan to understand, but not everyone is a hypocrite, and not everyone will take that kind of abuse without rising up. The veteran TV show host should have known that his brutish style would eventually be challenged, and lucky for us, it was Sarkar who did it.


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