Anti-Vaxxers Exploded At This Photo Mark Zuckerberg Posted

Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of his daughter, Max, going to the doctor to get vaccinations, and anti-vaxxers were not very happy about it.


Doctor's visit -- time for vaccines!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on  Friday, January 8, 2016


Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a cute photo of his daughter, Max, at the doctor’s office—but it contained a pointed message, as the caption read, “Doctor's visit—time for vaccines!”

Vaccinations have become a controversial topic of health thanks to the anti-vaccination movement led by celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and Kristin Cavallari; anti-vaxxers believe vaccination leads to autism and other health issues, or that it is no longer necessary considering America’s generally healthy climate.

Anti-vaxxers largely rely on unconfirmed anecdotal evidence or debunked studies to defendtheir cause—The Center For Disease Control has found no link between autism and vaccines, and the vast majority of doctors maintain that vaccines are not harmful.

For an influential figure such as Zuckerberg, with over 48 million followers on Facebook, to confirm that he (like any informed American should be) is pro-vaccine, it delegitimizes the anti-vaccination movement. It may infuriate anti-vaxxers, but it positively shifts public opinion, particularly for individuals who may be uninformed on the issue.

Zuckerberg certainly got many angry messages from anti-vaxxers, but he received just as many positive ones

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