Anti-Vaxxers Who Treated Son With Syrup Blame Ambulance For Death

Canadian parents who refused to seek medical treatment for their sick child who stopped breathing are now blaming the ambulance crew for his death.

David and Collet Stephan exemplified the dangers of stubbornly sticking to an anti-vaccination mentality when their 19-month-old son died after receiving natural remedies, including maple syrup, instead of actual medical treatment.

The Stephans called medical professionals entirely too late; their son had been sick for two and a half weeks with what seemed like the flu, and after home treatments failed to work, he eventually stopped breathing.

The child was apparently later diagnosed with meningitis.

Both parents were tried and convicted for “failing to provide necessities of life” for their son and will serve jail time in Canada, spending significant time away from their three other children.

Despite the tragedy, it appears the anti-vaccination beliefs remain ingrained—the Stephans are reportedly blaming their son’s death on the ambulance crew that handled him after he stopped breathing.

According to Raw Story, David Stephan alleged that the crew “lacked the proper equipment in the ambulance to provide oxygen to the toddler after attempting CPR, although he didn’t specify which devices could have prevented the child from going eight minutes without oxygen.”

Stephan spoke candidly in an interview for an anti-vaccination film, “Vaxxed,” and claimed that he and other anti-vaccination advocates were simply misunderstood.

“We were treating our child with different homeopathic remedies, different herbal remedies like tens of thousands of people do, nothing out of the ordinary, and he wasn’t severely ill, and everything just came to a crash on an evening and we ended up in an ambulance that didn’t have the right equipment, and subsequently ended up braindead,” he said.

That revisionist history may help Stephan sleep at night, but it’s far from the objective truth—people who fail to vaccinate their children or to provide medical treatment are directly responsible for their child’s health.

Stephan and his wife may face jail time for their actions, but it unfortunately has done little to alter their dangerous views on vaccination. 

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