Appalling Footage Surfaces Of Man Urinating On Kellogg Assembly Line

Kellogg cereal manufacturers launched a criminal investigation into video footage of a man urinating on the assembly line at its Memphis, Tennessee factory.

Kellogg is a beloved household brand. It is responsible for producing our favorite sugary breakfast cereals including Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies and Apple Jacks; however, the company is catching some heat for a lewd act that was caught on tape at one of its factories.

A shockingly disgusting video surfaced showing a man urinating on a Kellogg factory assembly line.

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While the company claims it just learned of the video last Friday, the initial investigation found that it was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee back in 2014.

A criminal investigation conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigation is currently underway, Kellogg announced.

The company assured consumers that any products they have recently purchased would not have been affected by this incident.

"It is important to note that any products that could be potentially impacted would be very limited and past their expiration dates," the company said.

"We are outraged by this completely unacceptable situation, and we will work closely with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law," they added.

The discouraging part about the investigation is that although they know when and where this repulsive act took place, they haven’t identified the man in the video. This is particularly disturbing because in the last two years since the footage was recorded, there is no telling how many times this employee has done this or worse.

Why anyone would do something so foul is beyond our realm of understanding. If you hate your job that much, just quit! Don’t take your frustration out on a bunch of innocent cereal lovers.

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Let’s not overlook the fact that mostly young children consume these products — they certainly don’t deserve their breakfast to be contaminated with someone’s urine. 

WARNING: Video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

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