Apparently, All You Have To Do Is Wear Blue To Rob An Apple Store

Thieves have made out with thousands of dollars’ worth of iPhones and Apple merchandise simply by dressing like store employees and ransacking their supply.


Apple store employees are known for wearing their prominent dark blue shirts and black pants. The recognizable uniform is how customers know, immediately, who to ask for help.

Unfortunately, being so identifiable has its downside  it has reportedly allowed thieves to come in and steal thousands of dollars in iPhones and merchandise by dressing up in similar outfits as the employees.

Last week, a man successfully carried out this scheme at a New York City SoHo outlet. Dressed as an employee, he entered the electronics repair room and took 19 iPhones, which is equal to more than $16,000, according to Techspot.

The thief gave the phones to an accomplice to hide under his shirt and the two casually “escaped” without anyone taking a second look.

This has happened at least twice before at another New York City Apple outlet. Three people stole a total of 67 iphones, worth almost $50,000, in two heists staged a month apart.

One of the individuals would distract the staff while another one of them — dressed as an employee — grabbed the merchandise and the third person would act as “the lookout.”

That particular store was such an easy target because it’s used as a training location where new workers are constantly coming and going, Techspot reports.

One way to combat this issue is if Apple stores begin having employees rotate different color shirts throughout the week so that no one knows what they are wearing on any given day. While that might be a bit of a hassle for the employees, it could rectify the situation.

Creating a more distinct logo could also help, if it's something that isn’t easily replicated.

Whatever the company decides to do, they had better act fast or they will keep getting robbed blind, and that can’t be good for business. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

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