The Moment Tim Cook Couldn’t Recognize His Own Company’s Product

Tim Cook's visit to India is a first for an Apple CEO. It may have been terrific trip but there’s at least one memory that is pretty cringeworthy.

India is quickly becoming the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. However, iPhone sales are declining.

While there was speculation on whether Apple CEO Tim Cook’s trips to India and China have any influence on the company shares, the CEO was trying to lure the country to sell refurbished pre-owned iPhones.

His trip may or may not have gone as he planned, but there’s one memory that we bet still make him cringe. While visiting an Apple retail store at Galleria market in a store in Gurgaon, he got upset over a “counterfeit” Apple-branded iPhone case.

He demanded an explanation right then and there.

Imagine his embarrassment when he was shown that the case was the real deal made by his own company.

Imagine- Apple CEO failing to recognize his own product!

Apple sells through authorized dealers in India, but fake knockoff Apple products are not a rarity in the country. That's one of the reasons why the brand wants to open its own stores there.

There is also speculation that Cook’s four-day India trip wasn’t as fulfilling as hoped by him. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at least for the time being, has turned a blind eye to the Cupertino-headquartered giant’s push to sell refurbished pre-owned iPhones here,” wrote The Hindustan Times.

“The government is believed to have rejected a formal proposal from the company just two weeks back. The company had earlier applied for the same while the Congress government was in power, only to be rejected by the environment ministry, which cited e-waste or dumping issues as the primary reason for rejection.

"However, while following up with the ministry, sources said that the formal proposal was not rejected yet and is still under consideration,” the paper reported.

So, embarrassment aside, Tim Cook did leave with good hopes — at least it is hoped so.

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