Meet The Russian Billionaire Mentioned In Trump. Jr's Emails

A Russian oligarch and his son have emerged as controversial figures after Donald Trump Jr. emails scandal.

Donald Trump Jr.’s damaging emails not only revealed information about issues that were already in the spotlight but also shed light on others as well.

Case in point: Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov.

According to The Washington Post, Agalarov is an “Azerbaijani-Russian property developer who got his start in the late Soviet years by selling bootleg copies of American hit movies on videocassette.”

Agalarov made a fortune in real estate and is sometimes referred to as the Donald Trump of Russia. He and his pop singer son, Emin, reportedly have known the Trump family for a very long time.

The duo came into unwanted spotlight after Trump Jr.’s emails revealed the two may have played an important role in arranging the meeting that took place between Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump Jr.

The oligarch has a net worth of almost $2 billion. He runs the Crocus Group, a real estate development firm. According to Miami New Times, he owns $14 million in Miami, FL, real estate.

In Trump Jr.’s emails to British publicist Rob Goldstone, Emin is mentioned as a negotiator between Veselnitskaya and him. The singer also reportedly wanted Trump Jr. to meet the lawyer.

The billionaire reportedly spent $20 million on the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow as Trump and Agalarov had the mutual desire of bringing it to Russia.

Agalarov also reportedly has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and he has been awarded “Order of Honor of the Russian Federation” by the Kremlin. The Washington Post also reported that the two once said “that they wanted Trump to be elected.”

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