'Hulk' Who Weighs 960 Lbs. Eats 36 Eggs For Breakfast

Arbab Khizer Hayat, who has a massive fan following in Pakistan, wishes to join World Wrestling Entertainment competitions.

Arbab Khizer Hayat, also known as Khan Baba, hails from the city of Mardan, Pakistan, and has become a social media celebrity thanks to his viral strongman stunts.

Dubbed as “Pakistani Hulk,” Hayat weighs 960 lbs. and stands at 6-ft 3 inches. He consumes an enormous amount of protein every day, including 36 eggs for breakfast, 7lb. of meat, 5 liters of milk and much more. But according to him, this doesn’t get in the way of his health.  

The 25-year-old, who downs 10,000 calories everyday, started gaining weight in his teens.

“I started gaining weight in my teens but I realized that I wanted to get into weightlifting and strongman championships. So I continued to put on weight,” he said.

The strong man claims to have lifted a weight of more than 10,000 lbs during a Japanese championship. He is now preparing to enter the World Wrestling Entertainment competitions to fulfill his dream.

“My immediate goal is to enter World Wresting Entertainment competitions. I am looking to meet weight targets and I am consulting doctors to keep nutrition going,” remarked the gentle giant. 

The real-life Hercules once successfully pulled a tractor with his bare hands while the driver tried to reverse the vehicle.


In another clip, he was able to stop two cars with just one finger.

Several fans from the neighborhood turn up at Hayat's home every day to take pictures with their very own hulk.

"I get a lot of love and admiration from the people here. But I don't want to stop here. I want to become a world star," he remarked. "There isn't much scope to do strongman or weightlifting events in Pakistan. But I hope that changes soon."

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