'Are You All Ready To Die?' Driver May Have Asked Kids Before Crash

In a scenario out of a horror story, a bus driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter for the death of five children.

A school bus crash on Nov. 21, in Chattanooga, Tennessee which killed five and injured at least 20 children in a terrible incident, was made even more disturbing by the alleged words of the driver behind the wheel.

Detroit CBS reported that the victims were students at Woodmore Elementary School and while some were led away by their parents from the scene, many were injured, with at least six in critical condition. Three fourth-graders, a first-grader, and a kindergartener died in the crash.

CBS stated that the mother of three children in the collision, one of whom died at the scene, had a chilling account to report. The children who survived apparently told her, "The bus driver said something to the effect of ‘Are you all ready to die?’" before the bus sped into a tree and flipped on its side. 

The 24-year-old driver will face multiple charges, including vehicular manslaughter, and is being held with a bond set at $107,500.

The implication that the bus driver intentionally crashed the bus after taunting his victims is a horrifying one. Hopefully as more information comes to light, the families will get more clarity about the unsettling allegation. 

The bus' black box will reportedly be used to determine more details about the crash, and although questions still abound, a fund has already been set up to help the victims' families and the devastated community. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @TheDailyBeast

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