AZ Governor Ignores Students, Poses With People Who Harassed Them

Members of Patriot Movement AZ allegedly harassed the student protesters. PMAZ is also notorious for going after people of color, immigrants and Muslims.



On April 20, dozens of students with March For Our Lives staged a die-in at the Arizona Capitol to call for Gov. Doug Ducey's support for more sensible gun laws.

During the protest, several members of Patriot Movement AZ (PMAZ), a controversial group notorious for harassing people of color, immigrants and Muslims, allegedly bullied the children.

In fact, according to David Schapira, a Tempe councilman running for Arizona schools superintendent, one woman associated with PMAZ bullied a girl so much, she was driven to tears.

Yet, Ducey ignored the student protesters and found time to pose with members of the controversial group.



The Southern Poverty Law Center states PMAZ often engages in anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant propaganda. Just in March, two women associated with group were arrested after they filmed themselves encouraging children to vandalize a Tempe mosque.

However, PMAZ's reputation as a hate group did not appear to deter Ducey from posing with them. His office claims Ducey and his staff did not know if the people he was posing with were members of PMAZ.

Lesa Antone, founder of the group, claims otherwise.

"He knows who we are. Everybody there knew who we were," Antone told The Arizona Republic.

Meanwhile, Ducey continued to ignore the children who were protesting to make their country a safer place to live.


It wasn't the first time Ducey chose to ignore a gun control protest.

In March, as students waited outside his office to discuss gun reform, his office told them he was unavailable. Around the same time, Ducey tweeted about baseball.





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