Arizona Republican Candidate Compares Abortion With Holocaust

“The callousness that our country has for life is very disturbing,” said GOP candidate Wendy Rogers.


It a commonly known fact how strongly the Trump administration feels about women making decisions about their body: abortion.

Be it Oklahoma Republican George Faught outrageously suggesting rape and incest were the “will of God,” in a bid to prevent anyone seeking an abortion in case of a genetic disorder or Alaska State Representative David Eastmanaccusing women of using abortion to get paid out-of-city vacation–they have collectively managed to frame women seeking abortion, as bad guys.

This time it is a Republican running for Congress in Arizona who drew a bizarre parallel between Holocaust and abortion.

During a campaign event in Maricopa, Wendy Rogers, a retired Air Force pilot seeking the GOP nomination, made a comparison between a genocide and a mere termination of pregnancy by women.

She was in particular asked by the proposal under consideration that would bar the Planned Parenthood and other health-care service providers from performing abortions at facilities receiving federal family planning funds.

“The callousness that our country has for life is very disturbing,” Rogers said, according to audio captured by Democratic opposition research firm American Bridge which claims to monitor what Republicans say. “I have visited Auschwitz twice — maybe three times; three times. I have visited the killing fields in Cambodia. This is what happens to a country when the callousness for life erodes to that depth.”

She went on to call the Planned Parenthood a “despicable” and an “evil” and criticized “crooks” in Washington who have prevented the federal money from flowing into the healthcare unit.


“As someone who is 100% pro-life, I think what the Democratic Party has done to promote a Culture of Death is very much like the Holocaust - Planned Parenthood and other abortion doctors have killed millions of babies this decade alone - barbaric!” Rogers told The Huffington Post.

However, it is not the first time a conservative likened abortion to the Holocaust.

Justice Rebecca Bradley, appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, wrote a column in 1992 in which she compared abortion to “a time in history when Jews were treated as non-humans and tortured and murdered” and “when blacks were treated as something less than human.”

She also asked, “Where does any difference lie between mutilating a baby in the womb (a legal act) and murdering one's child outside of the womb (an obviously illegal act)?”

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