Suspect Stops By In-N-Out To Grab A Burger Amid Police Chase

A 35-year-old decided to stop over at a fast food joint during a police chase, but unfortunately had to leave before receiving his order.

Some people have an admitted love affair with fast food. But a Phoenix man took things to a completely new level when he decided to run into In-N-Out to grab a burger and some fries to-go during a police chase..

The man, identified as Josh Adkins, had an outstanding arrest warrant against him, but refused to pull over when the cops asked him to do so.

Adkins gave the police a run for their money as he drove around town and then casually detoured to the fast food joint located near Priest and Ray roads in Chandler.

Although he manage to place his order at the drive-thru, Adkins had to take off before the food was ready. He soon surrendered to the cops after driving for a few minutes and ending up in someone’s backyard. Apparently, he was trying to break into the house via the backdoor but couldn’t succeed.

Jail records show the 35-year-old has been taken in on suspicion of unlawful flight from law enforcement, along with aggravated assault, domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment.

Not too long ago, a burglar in Washington, D.C., broke into a Five Guys restaurant only to put together some cheeseburgers for himself. Interestingly, he stole nothing valuable except for a water bottle, two burgers and a drink.

The love of food makes some people go to unimaginable lengths for a delicious meal.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Beyond Meat

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