Woman Shows How Different She Looks 4 Years After Quitting Meth

“Don't give up if you are fighting for sobriety. There are avenues and outlets and it's so important to ask for help.”

An Arizona mother has taken the internet by storm after sharing an inspiring Facebook post about her incredible transformation four years after overcoming drug addiction.

"I was a monster," Dejah Hall from Glendale told ABC 15. "I was a monster in every sense of the word."

She shared a photo from December 2012, when a visit to her grandfather and her arrest over felony warrants marked the turning point of her life.

“After all the drugs I was more separated from him. This was one of my biggest mistakes,” Hall stated.

“It was my grandpa's birthday and when I saw him I immediately went to give him a hug and tell him I loved him and that I was OK,” she recounted. “He sat there in his wheelchair and he told me that I was hurting him.”

It was when then when she realized her addiction was ruining her life and decided to quit.

Hall went to prison after seeing her grandfather. Two weeks later, he passed away.

"More than anything, I wish I could tell him that I made it. That I'm doing it,” she told ABC 15, as she held a picture of her grandfather.

Hall is now a mother of an adorable daughter. She plans to become a minister and have her own church.

“Don't give up if you are fighting for sobriety,” Hall said. “There are avenues and outlets and it's so important to ask for help. People are not mind readers.”

Her inspirational story comes at a time when the epidemic of drug abuse/overdose is sweeping the entire nation, especially her state Arizona.

In a March report, AZ Central cited latest data from the Arizona Department of Health Services, according to which “1,052 people required emergency room treatment for prescription drug overdoses in 2014, up from 1,018 in the previous year. Heroin overdoses increased from 521 in 2013 to 605 in 2014.”

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