Arizona Trump Fan: ‘I Can’t Wait For The Liberal Genocide To Begin’

The deportation of Jews and a liberal genocide were among the ugly requests of a group of Donald Trump supporters that attended a rally in Maricopa County.

Supporters of President Donald Trump gather for...

Arizona’s Maricopa County has gone mad — at least, that’s what one would be inclined to think upon watching footage from last weekend’s pro-Donald Trump rally.

A group of Trump supporters, including armed militiamen, white nationalists, and some elected officials, held a gathering and march in support of President Trump, Raw Story reports.

During the event, several disturbing comments and chants were shouted, including a call for “liberal genocide.”

“I just want to let them know that I can’t wait for the liberal genocide to begin,” an Oath Keeper shouted at a small group of anti-Trump protesters.

“That’s the way to make America great again,” he later told Dan Cohen of the The Real News Network. “Liberals are destroying the country.”

In addition to threats against liberals, several attendees also launched attacks toward Muslims and Jews.

“If she is Jewish, she should go back to her country,” a 13-year-old Trump fan said of a protester.

Yes, 13-year-olds are saying these things — so much for the false hope that the younger generations will be more unified and tolerant.

“This is America, we don’t want Sharia Law,” one attendee asserted. “Christian country,” he added.

Footage from the disturbing event has gone viral. However, he will likely be just as complacent and silent as he has been about anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks occurring throughout the nation. In fact, we’re still waiting for his comment on the Quebec Mosque shooting from January.

Commenters on the The Real News Network’s YouTube clip from the event echoed each other’s sentiments of shock, horror, and disgust.

YouTube user bouh1979nktt wrote, “This is the lowest point of humanity,” while ktrain420247 facetiously pointed out, “I like how un-American they are when talking about how American they are.”

Commenter JWBM 2016 pointed out the irony that this inflammatory event was held in Arizona, “the same state whose reactionary reps put forth the bill that targets free assembly with the threat of civil asset forfeiture.”

The comment refers to last month’s Arizona Senate vote to send a bill to the House that would allow authorities to seize assets of protesters when demonstrations turn violent.

Sure, it makes perfect sense: Arizona wants to criminalize the person who sets a trash can on fire but overlook the people advocating for mass murder — gotta love those “American values.” 

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