Georgia Teacher Firing Gun In Class Is Why Teachers Shouldn’t Be Armed

Jesse Randal Davidson, a social studies teacher at Dalton High School, reportedly barricaded himself inside a classroom and then fired his gun.


In the wake of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, President Donald Trump and other NRA-funded lawmakers called for arming teachers to prevent such massacres. The proposal faced significant backlash, particularly from teachers who said they should not have to shoulder this responsibility and from students who did not want more guns inside their schools.

Although several studies and statistics proved how more guns is not the solution to end the country’s growing gun pandemic, the Trump administration and Republicans continued to assert arming teachers was a good idea.

Well, as it turns out, it is indeed a bad idea.

Authorities in Dalton, Georgia, arrested a high school teacher after he reportedly barricaded himself inside a classroom and fired his gun inside the school, sending the students running for safety or hiding from what they probably feared was another mass shooter.

Fortunately, students were not present inside the class at the time of the incident. However, at least one student suffered an ankle injury while trying to exit the building.

Jesse Randall Davidson, who taught social studies and was a play-by-play announcer at football games at Dalton High School, reportedly locked the door of the classroom during his planning period. When the students realized they were unable to enter, they alerted principal Steve Bartoo, who then tried to enter the room.



“I didn’t get the door open very far, but he slammed the door and hollered ‘Go away, don’t come in here.’ He had some nonsensical noises that were made as well,” he recalled, adding he returned with a key and tried to unlock the door when Davidson told him he had a gun.

The 53-year-old educator then proceeded with firing a shot outside the window.

The police arrived at the school shortly and arrested Davidson without any other incident. The officers claimed the teacher did not appear to be aiming at a person.

“I don’t know whether he was just firing the gun off to let people know to back off or what,” said police spokesman Bruce Frazier.

Interestingly, judging by the tweets on social media following the incident, Davidson appeared to be popular among the students, who all expressed disbelief and fear at what had happened.



It’s still unclear why Davidson was armed or why he fired his gun inside the school, this shooting is a reminder that arming teachers is not going to solve the problem of mass shootings.

If anything, it might make the whole thing even worse.




Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Whitfield County Sheriff's Office

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