Teen Puts AR-15 To Elderly Woman's Head To Steal Her Lunchbox

“Every time I closed my eyes last night, all I could see was that gun,” said a 61-year-old woman who allegedly got her lunch box stolen by AR-15-toting teens.


Almost every day some gun-related incident comes to light and sets yet another example of how firearms relatively have higher chances of inducing harm than doing any good when they fall in wrong hands.

This time, the notorious rifle AR-15 made it to the news once again for a very unusual crime.  The firearm was reportedly used to steal a lunchbox belonging to an elderly woman.

According to WISC TV, a Milwaukee senior citizen identified as Linda Zerbel was robbed at gun point by two young men brandishing an AR-15.

The 61-year-old woman said she was walking home in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood from the bus stop with her lunchbox in one hand and cane in another.

“I was almost to the corner and this kid jumps out and puts an AR-15 to my head,” Zerbal recounted. “The other guy came, grabbed my lunch box, and they ran down Dousman.”

The robbers reportedly stole the woman’slunch box, bus pass and house keys.

Predictably, the encounter was acutely distressful for the woman who, for the longest time, couldn’t even comprehend what had actually happened with her.

“It was very scary,” said Zerbel. “I was just standing there shaking.”

Moreover, the loss of her lunch was definitely not as traumatic for as being held at a gunpoint.

“Every time I closed my eyes last night, all I could see was that gun,” she added.

Zerbel further shed light on the appearances of the alleged robbers who were 17 or 18-year-old and were dressed in all black with scarves covering their faces.

As of yet, there hasn’t been any update of an involvement of any law enforcement agency in the matter.

Such instances are a reminder that the country needs stronger gun laws and restrictions – particularly when it comes to military grade weapons like AR-15, which appears to be immensely popular among mass shooters across the country.

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