Army Director Hired For Top Immigration Post Was A Islamophobic Bigot

Guy Sands-Pingot was all set to take over as the deputy director of the federal agency that looks after immigration applications.


A senior army director, who was all set to take over a top immigration post, will not be considered for the position after his anti-Muslim, sexist, anti-immigrant and transphobic comments posted on Facebook were unearthed by a bombshell BuzzFeed News report.

The man in question is Guy Sands-Pingot. At one point, he was a brigadier general and he was all set to take over in mid-September at deputy director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services – the federal agency that looks after immigration applications.

However, after his bigoted comments were discovered, the agency has dropped his name as a nominee for Deputy Director of the federal agency.

In October 2015, Sand-Pingot reportedly shared an article with this headline, “If you wipe your butt with your bare hand but consider bacon to be unclean, you may be Muslim.”

Fast forward a year and in another Facebook post from Dec. 16, 2015, the army director reportedly slammed Malala Yousafzai, who is the Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

He described her as “the ‘posterperson’ for all delusional leftist who think she is the face and body of a fictional ‘moderate’ Islam.”

“She was shot in the head by ‘normal’ conservatives that used the koran [sic] not only to justify their action, but to demand if be compulsory for other moslem (sic) females [sic] who dare to think they should receive an education,” Sands-Pingot wrote.

As if these anti-Muslims sentiments weren’t enough, when BuzzFeed dug up his previous posts, they discovered that he was also against immigrants. 

In a post that dated back to 2013, he reportedly liked an article that was headlined, “Immigrants Do Not Have a Right to Come Into This County and Make Demands.”

He is also against transgender people.

“We are all in the ‘Age of Pat,'” he wrote on Oct. 27, 2013. He was referring to a trans Saturday Night Live character, as he slammed “multi-gender access for ‘transgendered’ 10-18 year olds to bathrooms in all California schools.”

He added, “Why can’t ‘Pat’ be a ‘Marine’??”

“[T]he candidate is no longer slated to commence employment at USCIS,” USCIS spokesperson Michael Bars told BuzzFeed News. “USCIS is committed to equal employment opportunity, adherence to merit principles, and fair treatment for all employees.”

After the bombshell report was unearthed, the army director’s Facebook account vanished and he did not get back to a request for comment.

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