Artist Put A ‘Love Wall’ Across The Street From Trump Tower

With holiday season here, New York City’s storefronts are becoming veritable showcases. But, one store across from Trump Tower took on a political edge.

love trumps hate

Does love really trump hate? A particular street artist known for his large, heart-patterned “Love Walls” certainly hopes so.

British artist James Goldcrown fills canvases, walls, and other backdrops with spray-painted hearts of different colors. For some people, these artworks symbolize marriage equality and, now, an opposition to Trump and his border wall mentality. Goldcrown’s most recent rendition of his Love Wall series can be seen in 28 Henri Bendel stores nationwide.


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But, perhaps most captivating is the storefront and wall art he produced for the Henri Bendel shop directly across the street from the Trump Tower in Manhattan. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Goldcrown mentioned the striking disjunction between the security-laden Trump Tower and the heart-filled storefront. “I hope seeing the contrast here on Fifth Avenue gives people hope and faith,” he said.

The artist explained that everyone interprets the “love wall” differently, but now with Donald Trump’s election it has taken on a political edge. “Going forward, I definitely would like to use the wall to make more of a politically-charged message. I feel a huge responsibility for the message this [artwork] puts out into the world,” Goldcrown said. “With the current political forecast, it’s more important than ever to make a statement with my artwork.”

For Goldcrown, “The best part about Love Wall is that you don’t need to speak or write anything out. The hearts speak their own political language.”

Although this “love wall” isn’t exactly a direct protest against Trump, it loudly attests to the fact that Trump’s idea of a wall comes from hatred, the opposite of love. Maybe after four years of a Trump presidency, the nation will have discovered that love, in fact, trumps hate after all. 

Banner photo: Instagram, Henri Bendel

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