Where Is President Trump’s Sense Of Compassion?

President Donald Trump's narcissism and apathy stand in the way of his ability to show compassion in the face of the many recent United States tragedies.

Trump talks to Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello (L) on trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

President Donald Trump completely lacks empathy and compassion, and it’s blatantly evident in the pathetic way he has responded to harrowing current events.

In the wake of several back-to-back tragedies, Trump has been everything from coldhearted to totally oblivious, two characteristics that are not befitting of a world leader.

After Hurricane Harvey — which devastated Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas — Trump took a brief visit during which he failed to meet with a single victim of the hurricane and held a small rally where he bragged about how many people came out to see him.

Upon facing stark criticism from mass media and civilians alike, Trump went back to Texas in what we at Carbonated.TV deemed a fake empathy trip when he finally met with hurricane survivors. 

Shortly after that, when Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico, a Spanish-speaking U.S. territory, Trump virtually ignored their plight and treated them like second-class citizens. 

He initially prioritized chiding the NFL for its league-wide national anthem protests over addressing the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. 

When he finally did acknowledge Puerto Ricans, he blamed their debt and pre-existing economic problems for their circumstances. Additionally, it took him several days and being on the receiving end of widespread backlash to finally waive the Jones Act to help more resources and aid get to Puerto Rico's shores. 

Adding insult to injury, when he visited Puerto Rico for just four short hours, he distributed rolls of paper towels to displaced civilians by throwing them out into the crowd as if he was tossing souvenir T-shirts into a cheering audience at a sporting event. 

And we cannot forget his now-infamous declaration that there were "very fine people" on "both sides" of the Charlottesville, Virginia, mayhem that sparked nationwide conflict back in August. His words suggested that white supremacists are good people when instead, he should have been condemning and disavowing them. 

Then, there was his pitiful response to the horrific Las Vegas, Nevada, shooting massacre when he refused to discuss gun violence in any capacity while visiting victims and emergency personnel, but offered them an invitation to the White House. 

Trump is equal parts narcissistic and apathetic, which likely doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. However, these traits have been magnified in the midst of the many tragedies that have recently occurred in the U.S., thus making it even more apparent that the wrong candidate was chosen to serve as America's commander in chief. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Yuri Gripas

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