As Kennedy Retires, NY Daily News Sums Up Our Fate With Three Words

With Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement, President Donald Trump could replace him with another Neil Gorsuch. And since Congress' majority is Republican, little stands in his way.

After Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he was retiring, the whole country went into collective outrage mode. After all, President Donald Trump is sure to pick another Neil Gorsuch to replace Kennedy, and the very security of Roe v. Wade would be jeopardized.

So when The New York Daily News reported on the story, it did not mince its words.

Kennedy, 81, made the announcement Wednesday. On Thursday, The New York Daily News released its newest edition and on its cover, the words: “We Are F*#%’D.”

For the past 30 years, Kennedy has been a swing vote on most issues. But Trump has now the opportunity to nominate another conservative judge. And this could tip the scale right for many decades to come.

To abortion rights advocates, the idea of solidifying the Supreme Court’s conservative streak means that the ruling that secures the constitutionality of abortion could be challenged. So it’s no wonder that many people on social media were clearly shaken up.

But the cover is not just representative of those who are afraid of Roe v. Wade being demolished. It’s also a reminder that the Republican Congress has pretty much all the cards in its hands.

After the 2013 Congress eliminated the filibuster for most nominations by presidents under the directions of then-Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, the rules changed, allowing the Senate to approve nominees, such as Supreme Court appointees, with a simple minority. With current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Trump indicating they are moving quickly on a nominee, that means a new justice could be approved within a few months. After all, Republicans would have the necessary votes.

So yes, The New York Daily News cover is not only correct in how it perfectly captures everybody’s reactions to the news; it also precisely encompasses how easily Republicans can get away with putting whomever they want in the Supreme Court.

There has never been a better time to #Resist.


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