Trump's America: Asian Couple Discovers Racist Graffiti In New Home

A Chinese family who moved to Oakdale just two months ago woke up to a horrific racial slur spray painted on their garage door.

An Asian Chinese family was subjected to hate crime in Oakdale.

The family moved from East Side Saint Paul to Oakdale just two months ago. Little did they know that racist hooligans were planning to display a hateful message on their garage door.

A newspaper delivery person woke them up on Sunday morning and informed them that they have been subjected to racism. The family was shocked to see “chinks” spray painted all over their garage door. The car in their driveway was also spray painted with nasty messages.

TL Xiong one of the residents, took to Facebook and expressed his disappointment.

“We don’t have words to describe how we feel,” said Linda Xiong who lives in the house with her siblings and parents.

The Oakland police claimed the spray painting had taken place in the early hours of the day, and that another car in the area had also been vandalized. 

Tl Xiong later thanked his neighbors who were very kind and helped him clean up the mess, and to all the people who supported the family open heartedly.

President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, refugees, Muslims, Mexicans, and people belonging to minority communities has led to a rise in hate and intolerance around the country.  

The situation has now got out of hands to the point where anyone who is non-white can become a victim to racism and hate crime. The era of white supremacy and extremism has begun — and it is absolutely terrorizing.

Banner/Spotlight Credits: Reuters, Facebook 

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