Asian Man's Car Defaced With Slurs, Anti-Immigrant Graffiti

The Toronto man, who has been a Canadian for 35 years, is reportedly moving back to Hong Kong after the incident.

A Hong Kong-born Canadian resident of more than 35 years was shocked to see anti-immigrant hate splattered all over his vehicle in the form of racist messages.

Wiley Ko, who moved to Canada from Hong Kong over three decades ago and calls himself a “proud Canadian,” had parked his SUV in the designated parking lot of his apartment building.

The next day, he found the vehicle covered in racist graffiti that included the c-word used against Chinese individuals and the phrase, “Go bak to China.” The car's headlights had also been smashed.

Talking to reporters, Ko said he was “shocked” and “hurt.” After all, he has been in the country for three decades and has never experienced this type of hate until now.

But while “[i]t really hurts,” he said that he will “always believe that every person in this country could live equally.”

When talking about the idea that someone would tell him to go back to China, Ko called it “ridiculous.”

“I’m a proud Canadian because this country is really, really great,” Ko concluded.

Yet, the attack has prompted him to move back to Hong Kong.

“My oldest son feels our safety is jeopardized, so we’re moving, probably in October,” he said, according to HuffPost. “The neighbors have been quiet about it, while some are shocked. They are worried about their own environment if my car is next to theirs.”

Promptly after having his property attacked, Ko contacted the police and asked his friend to post a photo of the car on social media because he felt that his safety had been “totally jeopardized.”

“If somebody did this to you what would you feel,” he asked. “Would you feel terrible? Would you feel hurt?”

Thanks to this horrific display of ignorance and racism, the damages to Ko's car are estimated to cost him over $4,000. As police investigate, officials are considering looking into the incident as a possible hate crime.

Perpetrators could face mischief charges, but heavier charges are also being considered.

“Every race in this country should be respected, we shouldn’t have this kind of racism here,” Ko told reporters.

And he's right; not only in Canada, but here in the United States as well.

As we continue hearing stories of racist-fueled vandalism all across the country, we wonder if the divisiveness we've seen grow since last year's election will continue to fuel hate-related crimes, such as the one inflicted against Ko.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Martin Garrido

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