Syrian Government Uses ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Lure Tourists To Aleppo

The absurd new propaganda video uses the tune from HBO’s gory hit to promote the war-torn city as a perfect tourist spot.

Amid the constant stream of devastating pictures featuring ruined buildings and dead children, it is hard to imagine the Syrian city of Aleppo as anything but a conflict-ridden region that reminds the world about the horrors of war.

However, the Syrian government appears to be trying hard to change that perception and promote the rebel-held city as a hot new tourist destination with its beautiful mosques, tree-lined boulevards, spacious green parks and picturesque neighborhoods.

A day after two airstrikes on hospitals killed at least six people in eastern Aleppo, the Syrian Ministry of Tourism released a rather absurd propaganda video showing the aerial views of government-held parts of the capital.

While the footage blatantly ignores the rubble and bombed-out hospitals, what makes it even stranger is the background music the ministry has used to distract the world from the condition in Aleppo.

The promotional video features an acoustic version of the theme music from HBO’s popular show, “Game of Thrones.”

In fact, the entire clip is edited in the same fashion as the opening credits from the fantasy hit — which is not a good analogy, considering all the bloodshed and carnage depicted in the award-winning series.

France 24 released a video showing the stark contrast between the tourism video and the situation in the eastern regions of the city.


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