NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Came Back From Space 2 Inches Taller

Scott Kelly is back from his mission in space after a year — and his body has undergone some amazing changes.

Apparently living in outer space for a year can make you taller.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, after 340 days in space, grew nearly 2 inches taller than his identical twin brother Mark.

However, the change is only temporary.

"Astronauts get taller in space as the spine elongates," NASA’s Jeff Williams said, "but they return to preflight height after a short time back on Earth.”

One of the main objectives of the out-of-the-world mission, aptly named “Twin Study," is to observe how well human bodies, minds and spirits can endure on a lengthy spaceflight.

Kelly, whose mission required him to spend more time than any other American astronaut in space, reports that he feels good and is now starting a yearlong project to monitor his health.

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And he is right to do so, as a year in space can take a toll on the body. The bones grow brittle and weak, muscles begin to atrophy, kidney stone formation risk increases, the heart might shrink and astronauts might experience disorientation, space motion sickness and loss of direction.

Comparing Scott with his twin Mark Kelly will help researchers find any permanent genetic changes that might have occurred to the astronaut in space.

Since his journey back to earth started, the cosmonaut has been reacquainting himself with life on earth.







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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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