Robberies, Bad Weather And Collapsed Pathways Plague Rio Olympics 2016

Rio is on a disaster course and the Olympics haven't even started.

The 2016 Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, kick off Aug. 5, but as the event approaches, Rio still seems unprepared on almost every level.

Ever since Rio was announced as the host city for the mega sports event, it has constantly battled one issue after another. It seems the problems are here to stay, and in fact keep on increasing as the games draw close.

In the latest news, a laptop and team shirts were stolen from team Australia’s accommodations at the Olympic village. The building experienced a small fire, during which it was evacuated. When athletes got back to their rooms, they were surprised to find their belongings missing, and their computer equipment “rifled through.” Fortunately, that wasn’t taken.

Australia also happens to be the same team that refused to stay at the village due to water leaks, plumbing issues and gas leakages, and instead chose to stay at nearby hotels until the problems were fixed. They finally checked into the Olympic village in the last week of July and were there for only two days before the fire broke out.

In another instance, Chinese hurdler Shi Dongpeng and his cameraman were robbed only a short while after they reached Rio when a man who pretended to be very drunk vomited on the athlete. Shi went to wash up and while his cameraman attempted to catch the supposed drunkard, the two came back to find their camera equipment missing.

Footage obtained proved that the man who pretended to be inebriated was just distracting the Chinese athlete and his cameraman so another person could run off with their belongings.

These aren’t the only misfortunes to befell the games. The main ramp of Marina da Gloria, the sailing venue of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, which also happens to be the main access points for boats to reach the water, partially collapsed on July 30. Luckily no one was injured in the incident but it raises concerns about how safe the facilities for the Olympic Games really are.

Although the construction company overseeing the project has been contacted, this still doesn’t ensure that incidents like these will not occur in the future.

Strong winds in Rio also left TV studios on the Copacabana Beach inundated with water and iron boards had to be used to control the waves.

The situation has gotten quite scary, and one cannot even imagine what the upcoming sports event will bring, given the security concerns and unstable conditions in Rio. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Sergio Moraes

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