Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree In An Atlanta Park

A black man’s body was found hanging from a tree in a popular Atlanta, Georgia park. The case is now being turned to the Federal Bureau Investigation.

Update: The tragic case of an African-American man's body, hanging from a tree, is now being turned to the FBI for further investigation, according to Gawker

Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed said in a press release statement"Everything we have seen suggests there was no foul play involved, but I want to state clearly and unequivocally that we will not prejudge the circumstances surrounding this young man's death."

News began to circulate on social media Thursday morning of a black man’s body found hanging from a tree in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Many people speculated that the death was the result of a modern-day lynching, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Local law enforcement, however, claimed otherwise. They “confirmed” that the person found had committed suicide.

“There were no discernible signs of a struggle or foul play,” said police spokesman Donald Hannah. “A Fulton County medical examiner concurred that the death was consistent with a suicide.”

An autopsy will be conducted on the unidentified victim to determine the official cause and manner of death, but for now it is being ruled a suicide.

Unfortunately, the word of law enforcement is not trustworthy as we have seen too many police departments throughout the nation involved in all types of lies and misconduct from cold-blooded murder to sexual abuse of a minor.

Many are rightfully still skeptical about how this body came to be publicly hanging in a park. 

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