Atlanta Cop Filmed Punching Suspect Repeatedly In The Head

The Atlanta sector of Black Lives Matter posted a video of a cop punching a suspect in the head, and now they want criminal charges brought against him.

Black Lives Matter protesters hold up signs at South Carolina rally in front of a mural

In case you haven’t had enough of police brutalizing civilians, an Atlanta cop has joined a growing number of members of law enforcement who have been placed on administrative leave for their misconduct.

A viral video shows the unnamed cop punching the back of a man’s head several times as other officers pinned him down. The man can be heard shouting “Stop! Stop!” to no avail.

The video was posted last Friday by the Black Lives Matter of the Greater Atlanta area and has since made its rounds through social media.

Warning: The video below might be disturbing for some viewers. 

According to The Guardian, the social justice organization is calling for criminal charges to be brought against the officer. However, Chief Erika Shields is reportedly reviewing evidence to determine next steps. 

Conventional wisdom tells us that nothing will become of this. This act of brutality will be swept under the rug, like many of the others. At most, the officer in question may be fired, but expecting him to face criminal charges is wishful thinking. 

While Black Lives Matter and other social justice crusaders should absolutely keep fighting for fairness in society, it is becoming increasingly painful to watch how these cases often play out in law enforcement's favor

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