Man Stabs Teen Sister 53 Times For Taking Too Long In The Bathroom

Gavin Henderson had stabbed one of her sisters in the past as well but the family diffused the situation privately without informing the authorities.



Dunwoody, Georgia, police detective detailed a disturbing report of a 15-year-old girl’s murder by her own brother.

Gavin Henderson was taken into police custody after he stabbed his sister Keaira Henderson on June 18 because she took too long in the bathroom.

Henderson was a violent man who had been in prison previously. But, after he was released from a Florida Prison last year, his family decided to keep him. Henderson moved in with his mother, Rochelle and his siblings in Atlanta.

The 27-year-old was not new to domestic violence and his family knew that. Henderson had attacked one his sister with a knife in the past, but instead of reporting the matter to authorities, the families diffused the disturbing situation privately.

On the day Henderson killed his 15-year-old sister, no one was home except for their younger sister, who was 12-years-old. She narrated that a fight broke up between the siblings over the washroom. He wanted to use the washroom but his sister was already using it.

“There was an altercation about Keaira taking too long in the bathroom, which led to the fighting,” said the younger sister who had witnessed the gruesome murder.

She called her mother, who rushed back home to her daughter’s rescue. Sadly, she was too late.

According to reports, Henderson knew this act would send him back to prison but he continued stabbing his sister, thinking it was too late to turn back from his crime.

According to neighbors, they could hear Keaira screaming in pain. An autopsy report revealed Henderson stabbed Keaira 23 times with a 10-inch long knife.

After committing the murder, Henderson reportedly left his house and went to a nearby store, where he kept the bloodied knife on the counter. He then asked the store clerk to call 911 because an “accident” took place, pointing towards the blood on his hands and T-shirt.

He was arrested and faces murder charges.

Keaira’s friends and family are mourning over her untimely death. The young woman wanted to be a lawyer in the future and was active in school sports.

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