Atlanta Mosques Open Their Doors To Irma Evacuees

Mosques in the Atlanta region are opening their doors to serve as shelters to Irma evacuees, showing just how giving the Muslim community truly is.

Muslim girl holds sign that says, "We Are Muslim Americans."

After Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston, Texas, area hard and certain Christian leaders were harshly criticized for not opening their doors promptly to those in need, mosques in the region did not hesitate to step in. Now, they are doing the same for Hurricane Irma victims.

The Category 5 mega storm that has already destroyed several islands in the Caribbean is about the make landfall in the United States, hitting Florida this Friday.

After the Florida government announced that locals should not wait for the hurricane to hit and should evacuate as quickly as possible, the Al-Farooq Masjid mosques announced on Thursday that its Georgia mosques were open to Irma evacuees.

On top of offering shelter, Al-Farooq Masjid is also asking locals to volunteer to help the victims by coordinating registrations and comforting evacuees.

Those running from Florida to escape Irma can register for shelter space after Friday prayers.

In times of distress and despair, communities let go of their differences to lend others a hand and that's what we're seeing both in Texas and now in the Southeast as Irma approaches.

Seeing the Muslim communities across the country reaching out to the victims of the latest natural disasters serves as a reminder that only love and charity can beat hate.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Darren Whiteside

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