Alleged Rapist Acquitted After Lawyer Says Women Are Good Liars

Using a terribly collectivist and demeaning tactic in a rape case, a defense attorney was just able to guarantee his wealthy client walks out free.

Yet again, we learn that anything goes when it comes to fighting for acquittal in a rape case.

Mark Giannini, a wealthy businessman, has just been acquitted of rape charges. But what was even more incredible than the end result of this trial was how his lawyer defended him.

With the words “women can be especially good” at lying, attorney Steve Farese might as well have guaranteed his place in hell. But what he also guaranteed was his client's victory, The Independent reports.

Giannini, 51, was accused of raping a young woman in 2014. He had allegedly lured her to his Memphis, Tennessee, mansion where she believed she would be interviewed for a position as a housekeeper. But once she arrived, Giannini proceeded to choke and rape her. In her testimony, the next thing she remembered was waking up at the hospital.

According to investigators, the attacker even forced the victim to swallow urine, feces, and even blood.

Despite the brutal scene depicted by the victim and those who looked into the case, Giannini's defense team argued that the victim's criminal background was enough proof that she wasn't credible.

Saying that she had been busted in the past for drug smuggling, Farese said the sex was consensual and that the victim “knew what she was doing.”

Worse yet, Giannini's defense team even said she had worn a “sexy top” to the alleged job interview, obviously a “contraption,” the attorney added.

Arguing the woman only pressed charges after realizing she could make $6 million off this suit, Farese accused the woman of “crying on cue” and “crying for dollars,” not for justice.

During the closing arguments, Farese told the Memphis Criminal Court that “[p]eople can be very good at lying.” But “[w]omen,” he continued, “can be especially good at it because they're the weaker sex.”

As the “not guilty verdict” was read out loud, the victim began to cry.

Giannini has been named in three separate rape charges, and this is the first one to be tried. Other charges date back to 2002.

During a conversation with reporters, Farese said his controversial style is part of his job, as he is not in the business of “[caring] if anybody gets offended.”

“Smart people will see it for what it is,” he added.

Absolutely despicable.

We wonder how he would react to that old joke that says that you can always tell when a lawyer is lying by checking whether his lips are moving. Perhaps then he would know people do lie often, but women aren't especially good at it — lawyers, however, certainly are.

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