Michael Avenatti Denied Access To Immigrant Children He’s Representing

Stormy Daniels' attorney is also representing immigrant children separated from their parents, but today, he was not allowed access to his clients.

He’s widely known for representing adult film star Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump, but after Michael Avenatti announced he’s representing immigrant children who’ve been separated from their families at the border, he’s in the news for not being allowed to see his clients.

On Twitter, journalist Darren McQuade broke the news that Avenatti had been denied access to see his clients at the Cayuga Center in New York City, which is holding immigrant children.

He added that the attorney was escorted out by the New York Police Department.

Mentioning the tweet, Avenatti said that this action was disgraceful and that officials should close the facility immediately.

In late June, Avenatti announced he was helping children being held in a facility in Phoenix, and he even brought a letter written by the mother of a 6-year-old boy from Honduras to the center. 

At the time, Avenatti praised the Arizona facility for the care they put into the minors snatched from their parents at the border. Still, he explained that the best place for them is with their families.

"The facility is well maintained; I thought the staff was very cooperative," he said. "They're doing their best to care for these children, but the fact remains that these children are better off with their parents and certainly should not be over a thousand miles away in an unknown place."

Today, after Avenatti was denied access to his clients and the tweet announcing the news went viral, the attorney published another post saying that the Cayuga Center had contacted him to finally allow him into the facility.

On Twitter, users expressed excitement that Avenatti had managed to make things happen. Many said they were even proud, comparing the attorney to a superhero.

Some wondered why Bill de Blasio, New York City's mayor, wasn't intervening.

It’s great to know that people like Avenatti are doing their best to help these families, especially considering that, despite President Donald Trump’s executive order, children remain separated from their families.

Hopefully, Avenatti’s fight to reunite these mothers and children will help put pressure on the federal government and immigration officials to finally free these families.


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