Lawyer Pushes For Israeli Murderers' Homes To Be Demolished

The family lawyer of a slain Palestinian teen has requested punishment reciprocity to be given to Israeli murderers’ families by destroying their homes.

The 2014 alleged revenge murder by three Israelis of Palestinian 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir is among the incidents which incited the seven-week Gaza bloodshed.

The family of the slain teen is still seeking justice.


This week, an attorney for Khdeir’s family has petitioned to Israel’s Supreme Court to hold accountable the teen’s three murderers in the same way that Palestinians are, The Associated Press reports.

Lawyer Mohannad Jubara is requesting the destruction of the family homes of the three Israelis who abducted Khdeir, forced him to drink gasoline, and burned him to death in 2014.

The three attackers who were found guilty told the court that they were acting in revenge for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens by Hamas militants.

While Palestinians and critics consider the demolition of militants’ houses to be “collective punishment,” the Israeli government maintains that it destroys assailants’ homes to “deter future attacks.”

The demolition of Palestinian homes has doubled in 2016 as compared to last year, according to reports, and affects not only places of residence but sources of income as well.

As of April this year, a UN report says that 808 people across the occupied territories of Palestine have been displaced due to home destruction. The same report states that an estimated 588 Palestinian buildings, mostly residences, have been razed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the year.

If the Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes remains unchecked, the tense relations will continue to escalate in the region. While Jubara's action for the petition to Supreme Court is commendable, it seems unlikely that it will be successful given Israel's record of violating international law. 

Banner image credit: Reuters

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