Man Hilariously Schools Car Thieves On Why Stealing Is Bad

Ian Zoro woke up one morning to find a stolen car dumped outside his house. But instead of getting mad about it, he addressed the issue with a hilarious video.

Australian comedian Ian Zaro woke up one fine morning and found that a smashed up car had been left right outside his home in Townsville, Queensland.

Interestingly, instead of getting upset or calling the police, the aboriginal man took to Facebook to publish a hilarious video, drawing attention to the crime.

“Y’all wana know what makes me mad? People who steal other peoples s***,” the man said in the video.

“Some people work hard for that s***. For their car, for their money, for their house, and you wanna break into it? Steal their cars and s***. Like if you wanted one, then buy your own,” he added.

Coupled with hilarious expressions, a squeaky voice and a brilliant and hard-hitting message, Zaro spoke about how stealing is absolutely wrong, and that no one deserves to be robbed.

“Hey, you wanna have a house, you wanna have a car? Go to school and get an education, make money. Don’t go stealing,” the video continues.

Zaro’s message was received and appreciated by around 256,000 people that viewed the clip, and around 1300,000 left comments about it.

“Bless you and thank you Ian Zaro. After having my duplex broken into, my motor vehicle stolen and removal/vanishing act of all my cleaning equipment and supplies for my single-manned, small business from the back of that vehicle, your video clip was uplifting,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Ian I think you do a great service to the community, I hope you realise how many of these young ones look up to you and actually listen to what you say. My kids love seeing you around at Kirwan high. They just wish they were brave enough to say hi! Too star struck!! Lol,” another commented.

Zaro was floored by all the warm wishes and comments he received and took to the social media site once again to clarify that the car was not stolen.

“Driver just got pulled up for driving without a licence. That's why it is stripped of its plates, got a smashed window and has a 'Police Aware' Sticker on it,” he wrote.

“So yeah the details are a bit iffy but aye only the po po and the owner of the car knows what happened so yeah. The fact that me and every other neighbor thought it was a stolen vehicle just proves Townsville has a crime problem,” he said clarifying that his message was still important and addresses a serious issue.

Check out the hilarious video above.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Creative Commons, Shealah Craighead

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