Everyday Hero Pays Grocery Bill For Elderly Woman Who Didn’t Have Cash

A young man in Australia is being hailed a hero on social media after he was seen paying an elderly woman’s grocery bill when her card was declined.

Father of two Ryan O'Donnell, from Wyoming, Australia, has become an international social media hero after he was seen covering an elderly woman’s bill at a grocery store.

The 34-year-old was at Coles supermarket with his two kids standing at the checkout counter when he noticed an elderly woman’s card repeatedly decline due to insufficient funds.

"I went around and spoke to the young lady and said, ‘How much is it?’ And they said, ‘Look, it's like $44 or something and her card kept being declined, due to insufficient funds.’ I said ‘Here is $50, just take it out of that,’" he said.

An onlooker clicked a picture of the heart-warming moment and uploaded it to Twitter on the last day of February, after which the image began circulating on the internet. 


People immediately began commenting on the photo, applauding the hero for his kindness.

“Absolute champion. Should be more people like him in this world. If we all knew how to give, think of how amazing life would be?” one Twitter user wrote.

“The world, while seemingly drowning in paranoia and hate, just keeps giving. Thanks for sharing,” another commented.

One internet user even grabbed the opportunity to take a jab at President Donald Trump.


Apparently, the elderly woman kept insisting that she would pay O’Donnell back but he refused to take the money, saying she reminded him of his grandma.

"I said, look, don't worry about it. It's only $44. You'll be right," he said.

"She's a beautiful lovely old lady. She reminded me of my nan or grandma. I just could not walk away. That's how my mum and dad brought me up. If you can help, you do it where and when to the best of your ability,” the good Samaritan added.

The world surely needs more people like him.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Daniel Munoz

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