Circus School Faces 127 Sexual Abuse Charges Against Boys

Children as young as 3 were allegedly forced into performing sexual acts with employees and family members of the circus school. Seven suspects have been charged.



A circus school for children near Katoomba, Australia, an hour and a half drive west of Sydney, is the site of disgusting and unquestionably reprehensible assaults against young children, according to investigators.

WARNING: The following details may be disturbing to some readers.

“Four women, two men, and a teenage girl have been charged with a total of 127 [offenses] relating to historical alleged child sexual and physical abuse,” a New South Wales police statement read last week.

The allegations against those individuals, which includes the school’s founder, her family members, and workers, are painful to read. They include sexual intercourse with at least three boys, all under the age of 8. One of the children was just 3 years old at the time of his assault, which included rape and forced sex acts with other boys while being filmed.

It’s also being reported that the children were forced to drink their own blood as part of a “blood ritual.”

The charges being brought against the group include raping the children, forcing them to perform sexual acts, forcing them to appear in child pornography, kidnapping, threatening and coercing the children, causing them mental anguish, and more.

Those being charged with crimes include: Therese Ann Cook, 58, the founder of the school; Paul Christopher Cook, 52, her brother; Clarissa Meredith, 23, the adopted daughter of the school’s founder; and Yyani Cook-Williams, 29, a biological daughter of the founder. Three others were also charged with criminal actions, but because their crimes occurred when they were under-age, their names have been withheld by police.

It is horrendous that these owners, who were charged with the care and well-being of children in their school, allegedly engaged in these types of acts. As of this time, they’ve been denied bail due to the severity of the criminal acts they’re being charged with — and it’d be hard to argue against that decision by the court, given the gruesomeness of their alleged behavior.

These individuals have done untold damage to children whom they were meant to keep safe. Those who betray the trust of children and their parents, especially in ways detrimental to the child’s psychological, emotional, and physical health, deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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