Australian Military Schools Allegedly Forced Cadets To Rape Each Other

Findings from a recent inquiry indicate that Australian military academies facilitated child sex abuse among its teenage cadets for several decades.


Disturbing information about Australia’s military has come to light regarding child sex abuse that reportedly went unnoticed for decades.

According to RT, public inquiry surrounding child sex abuse revealed that young recruits were forced to rape each other as a form of “initiation.”

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse received more than 100 reports of sexual abuse involving navy cadets as young as 15 between the 1960s through the 1980s.

About half of the disturbing claims came from two institutions including the HMAS Leeuwin located in Western Australia and an army apprentice school at Balcombe, Victoria.

"The Royal Commission will hear that most of the abuse was perpetrated by older recruits as part of an informal hierarchy in which older recruits physically and sexually abused more junior recruits as part of ritualised [sic] practices of 'bastardization' that were designed to 'break in' and humiliate new entrants to the navy," an attorney on the inquiry, Angus Stewart, reportedly said in a statement.

"The survivors will give evidence that they were subjected to serious forms of sexual abuse, including fondling of the genitals, masturbation, oral sex, and anal penetration by a penis or other object," Stewart added.

Most of the cases went unreported for many years, and the few brave young men who did speak out were allegedly told it was just a “rite of passage” or dismissed altogether.

Dishearteningly, this is the second major inquiry into sexual abuse at Australian military institutions in the last five years.

Subjecting children — or anyone, for that matter— to this kind of sickening torture is deplorable.

How does forcing someone to engage in sexual acts against their will prepare them for the military? It doesn’t.

All that this disgusting “rite of passage” leads to is psychological and emotional distress. Hopefully, this most recent inquiry leads to these institutions being held accountable for the lives they’ve ruined. 

Banner Photo Credit:, Lachlan Fearnley

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