Australians Protest Against Babies Thrown Into Detention Centers

Australia is detaining hundreds of refugees seeking medical attention, and sending them into detention centers on a far-away island. Many of them are babies.

Massive protests are underway in Australia, where more than 5,000 people have come together to stand up against the detainment of asylum seekers, especially children.

The #LetThemStay campaign calls for the Australian government to let go of the 267 detainees, of whom 37 are babies, instead of sending them back to a detention center on the Nauru Island.

The protests came in response to a High Court Ruling made on Wednesday, which confirmed that the nearly 300 people who were brought to Australia for medical treatment must be returned to Nauru.

"Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here," the crowd in Melbourne chanted.

The government of Australia has been closing its door on refugees, refusing visas to people who arrive by boat for years now. It claims the measures are to discourage people-smuggling trade and to prevent deaths at sea from taking place. However, critics call the policy absolutely inhumane since these offshore processing centers are uninhabitable.

Priests across the country have declared the doors of churches open, saying that they are there to help those in need. News organizations are also standing up against the issue, sharing photographs of babies who will be sent to detention centers in Nauru, in hope to garner public sympathy and support.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission on Wednesday requested the government to act in the best interest of the children involved and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that each case will be judged on medical grounds.

One can only hope the Australian government will take into account the problems of these asylum-seekers and make decisions most beneficial to them. It is absolutely unfair to send people in need of medical assistance into detention, especially since many of them are babies.

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