Australians Try To Vote In Dead Gorilla For Prime Minister

Another week of the world witnessing the wonders of democracy.

With a string of terrorist attacks in different continents, and the joys of watching U.K. and U.S. indulging in the race to self-destruct, the world could be forgiven for forgetting that Australia is electing its next leader.


And because they think the world is not watching, Australians think they can get away with anything. An unbelievably high number of people in Australia voted for Harambe, the gorilla who was killed by Ohio zoo officials after a child fell into its enclosure.





For those who missed out on the Twitter outrage, Harambe was shot at in a Cincinnati Zoo when a child fell in its enclosure and Harambe picked up the boy.

Read More About It: Ohio Zoo Kills Gorilla After Toddler Falls Into Enclosure





Many are convinced that the calamities that have befallen Earth in 2016 are the revenge of Harambe, the god of destruction.



But that's not all. Australia's faith in democracy has been so completely and utterly shaken by the Brexit and Trump's Republican nomination that they have resorted to drawing some, um, unsightly symbols on the ballot paper.



It's OK, some of them are drawing butterflies, too.



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