Powerball Winner Mix-Up Caused By ‘Excited People In A Computer Room’

Human error has been deemed the reason why the winning $758.7 million Powerball ticket was initially announced from the wrong Massachusetts town.

We now know that the winner of the $758.7 million lottery jackpot winner is Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts. However, a little mix-up almost kept her from claiming her winnings.

Thursday morning, Massachusetts lottery officials announced that the wrong store sold the winning Powerball ticket. They initially declared that the ticket was sold at the Handy Variety in Watertown, Massachusetts. As it turns out, it was actually sold to Wanczyk about 80 miles west of there, according to the New York Daily News.

“I think we had a couple of excited people in a computer room at one in the morning being a little nervous about handling a $700 million winner,” Massachusetts Lottery Director Michael Sweeney reportedly said of the blunder in an interview with WBZ-AM radio station.

Local reporters descended upon the Handy Variety in hopes of getting the scoop on the winning ticket — which set the record for a single person to win — but were left disappointed.

Not all was lost, though. The store did sell a $1 million ticket, which was “still something,” in the words of the employees.

But now, the rightful winner has been announced from the correct town, and we all officially know who to be jealous of.

Blunders of this sort are not totally uncommon; remember when the wrong “Best Picture” winner was announced at the Oscars earlier this year, or when Steve Harvey crowned the wrong “Miss Universe” back in 2015?

While the entire public certainly gets duped, the real victims in these cringe-worthy situations are the runners-up, who for a brief moment, believed they were winners and had their victory stripped away from them.

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