Awkward: Trump Supporters Protest Starbucks By Buying Starbucks

After a President Donald Trump supporter was allegedly mocked at a Starbucks, supporters flocked to the location to buy coffee while wearing pro-Trump gear.

Starbucks logo on wall inside a Starbucks location.After Kayla Hart was allegedly mocked at a Starbucks in Charlotte, North Carolina, a series of President Donald Trump supporters decided to show they were disappointed at the company by, wait for it, patronizing the business.

According to The Daily Dot, a Starbucks employee wrote “Build a Wall” on Hart's cup after she ordered a drink while wearing a Trump shirt. As she walked out of the cafe, baristas allegedly laughed at her. Feeling she had been mocked for her support of the president, Hart said she felt sad she couldn't “wear a T-shirt with our president without being made fun of.”

As local Trump fans learned about this incident, droves of them felt they needed to do something about what they believed to be an injustice. As a result, dozens showed up to the same Starbucks location on Saturday. To protest what had happened earlier, they simply sat at tables while wearing pro-Trump gear.

But as protesters just sat there, they had yet another idea to let baristas know they were unhappy about their treatment of a Trump supporter.

Instead of boycotting the organization, they decided to start ordering coffee under the president and Vice President Mike Pence's names, therefore patronizing the business they were protesting.

“It was successful and I can tell you we had a very friendly dialogue,” Trump supporter James Tatro told reporters.

While those who were involved in this particular protest said they feel the effort was worth it, many others said they feel that a boycott against the company is the best strategy, The Daily Dot reports.

On Twitter, many critics of the president pointed out that protesters ended up supporting the business while trying to make a point about how the company treated a Trump fan.

Yet this wasn't the first time Trump supporters enacted an odd form of protest. After the election, Trump voters allegedly “trolled” the company by telling baristas their names were Trump.

Whether the goal was to mock baristas and force them to be nice to their customers no matter who they were or not, these supporters may have not noticed that their actions were perhaps less likely to be interpreted as a protest as they seem incapable of boycotting the company.

Will angry Trump supporters ever realize what patronizing a business signals?

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